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A reminder that the Zimbabwean judiciary is essentially Zanu pf’s legal department and as such deserves our Disdan

If the Zimbabwean constitution was observed correctly, the majority of the people at the top of Zanu pf would have been arrested way back in the 1980s. The reason why this has never happened is because the judiciary is  so far deep inside the pockets of Zanu that it is used to clean up the party’smetaphorical bottom. Recently, there has been this fake furore about the extension of tenor of

Independence? What independence? It’s been 41 years in captivity of a mafia government.

For a long time now, every April 18th, many Zimbabweans bemoan the phrase ‘independence day’ because they don’t feel independent at all. Many Zimbabweans feel imposed on, they feel like a people that have been invaded by a foreign force. The fact is, what happened in 1980 is that Zimbabwe was taken over by a mafia government led by Zanu pf. They took over

3 main reasons why political defectors will be kicked out of Zanu

The recent defections from the MDC Alliance to Zanu pf were not entirely surprising to many to be honest. What is puzzling, however, is how people could make such a backward, reactionary, unimaginative, lazy, regressive, and desperate political move in such a public manner while wearing a straight face. If people of this nature walk

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