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With this appointment, Chiwenga is being marinated alive by Mnangagwa…

and the people of Zimbabwe are being set up for mass deaths.

Everyone who is normal is reacting with shock and disgust at Mnangagwa’s appointment of Chiwenga as the Minister of Health and Childcare. Everyone including those who are not normal will be aware that Chiwenga is not well which is why he is always on the plane to China or South Africa for treatment. Zimbabwe right now is hopelessly facing the Coronavirus and many are dying. So when Mnangagwa, a man who is famous for bringing suffering to human beings, appoints a sick man to be Minister of Health and Childcare, there is something sinister about it. One of the reasons could be a simple one – Mnangagwa wants to appoint someone absent to be Minister of Health and Childcare at a time the country is facing a serious health crisis so that more and more people die. To put it simply, Mnangagwa is appointing ‘no one’ to be in charge of health so that many more people die, because he just doesn’t care about Zimbabwean lives.

But when you talk to the learned political people some are saying something less sinister is happening. They say Mnangagwa has made this appointment as way of forcing Chiwenga to come back from China or stop going to China. The reasons for this are two; to keep Chiwenga away from the China where he plotted the coup that removed Mugabe I. 2017, and to make sure he stays longer in Zimbabwe and eventually dies from a lack of treatment. Others are saying Mnangagwa is trying to throw a live snake at Chiwenga in order to humiliate him and make him less popular. This of course is based on rumours that Chiwenga has a faction that wants to remove Mnangagwa. Some are saying the longer Chiwenga stays in Zimbabwe the higher the risk of his death because he needs specialist treatment which cannot be found in Zimbabwe.

To sum up, I personally think Mnangagwa has made this appointment for two reasons:

  1. To force Chiwenga to come back from China or wherever he is so that he eventually falls sick in Zimbabwe, receives treatment in the country, and inevitably dies
  2. By putting Chiwenga in charge of the biggest health crisis in Zimbabwe’s history, Mnangagwa would be completely destroying the small amount of popularity that Chiwenga has which the generari is hoping to use when carrying out another coup.

Whatever the case is, both men are awful human beings who have ruined our country and because of that, #Zanupfmustgo because #Zimbabweanlivesmatter


Sindile Ncube

We have to keep doing what Zanu hates: exposing corruption and theft

I am no political strategists, but it seems to me that when Hopewell Chin’ono, Alex Magaisa and many other brave men and women of Zimbabwe exposed corruption by Zanu, the party got into panic mode.

They really hate it when their business gets exposed for the filth that it is. It maybe a coincidence, but ever since the revelations about corruption gained steam amongst Zimbabweans, Zanu has been experiencing levels of discontent within its ranks. We hear and read stories about how the leadership have been pointing fingers of blame at each other. In the midst of that at least two of the big fish died in unclear circumstances.

This is why I think people like me and you who want democracy, justice and ending corruption in Zimbabwe should keep digging for more information about the theft of our money. And the #paybackthemoney needs to continue. Many will agree that anything that causes discord in Zanu pf is a positive thing. So let’s keep on inconveniencing them with these corruption exposés.
This time I really think we need to focus even more on the alpha and omega of corruption in Zimbabwe, the thief in chief, the man who cannot help himself but steal steal steal. I am talking about Mnangagwa himself, of course. We need to dig up his files. Actually, there are so many reports and evidence about his thieving activities, it’s not so much digging up but taking swabs at the surface because his wrinkly hands are all over everything from mining, banking and probably pimping.
Another one is SB Moyo, the coup announcer, the one who ran away from in London when we tried to have a word with him outside Chatham House.

Let’s keep putting these expose’s out please. Let’s not lose heart. The fight is on!


Sindile Ncube

Getting ready for the anti Zanu demo tomorrow

The time is hear. Our moment has arrived. The day we have all been waiting for is upon us. I urge every Zimbabwean and every human rights activist in the UK to attend the anti-Zanu of demo tomorrow 31/07/2020 outside the Zimbabwean Embassy at 11am.
Let’s go and tell the world about Mnangagwa and his beastly regime. Let’s go and show Mnangagwa and his thugs that they cannot intimidate us.
Let’s go and show our people back home what freedom to protest looks like. Let’s go and demonstrate on behalf of our people back home who are being intimidated by Zanu pf from protesting against Its misrule of the country.

I urge you all to carry placards that reveal to the world what a nasty man Mnangagwa is. Tell the world Mnangagwa is worse than Coronavirus.
I urge you all to create their own makeshift placards and tell it like it is. Let’s call a spade a spade. Let’s call Mnangagwa the devil because that is what he is. Let’s call Chinamasa a fool because he behaves and looks like one. Let’s call Matemadanda an idiot because that’s what he embodies and more. Take a picture of Mnangagwa and draw a massive lump of poo on his head. Let’s use the freedoms we have here in the UK to protest. Our people back home are dying for this freedom. Hopewell Chin’ono is in jail because of speaking out against Zanu. Let’s do it for Hopewell and many others killed by this brutal gang of thugs.

Below is a list of messages I urge all my followers and everyone reading this post to print out and bring to the demo:

Zanu pf must go!

Zanu pf is finished!

Mnangagwa is the Devil!

Zanu pf is worse than the Coronavirus!

Mnangagwa is worse than Coronavirus

Chinamasa is a fool!

Matemadanda is an idiot!

Mnangagwa hates young people

Mnangagwa should be tried at The Hague

Matemadanda’s children are ashamed of him

Matemadanda’s wife probably hates him

Today I’ve spent the whole day preparing my placards and demo literature. This is a huge moment in history and I am doing my part, so should you!

***Please wear a mask and gloves, bring hand sanitizer and maintain social distance!


Sindile Ncube

Diaspora: Use the freedoms you have to raise awareness about the human abuses in Zimbabwe

Some people will say they don’t do politics, others will say demonstrating is pointless because nothing will ever change. Some will have a go at the MDC and find faults in their approach and somehow use those to draw similarities between the party and the Zanu. Some of these reasons are avoidance tactics, some of them are just sheer arrogance. Nonetheless, what is real is that Zimbabwe is being ruined at a faster rate than ever before and if we don’t do anything we will regret our inaction sooner that we think.

Therefore, I urge people in the diaspora to use the freedoms they enjoy to demonstrate and raise awareness about the Zanu abuses in Zimbabwe. There is no limit to what Mnangagwa is doing, our friends and relatives in Zimbabwe can fall victim to the many acts of violence and cruelty this Zanu government is dishing out. And when these people are not using fear and violence to subdue them, they are running down the country with corruption causing more suffering.

On the 31st July, wherever you are, be it in the USA, UK, Canada, South Africa, European Union, do something that raises awareness about the human rights abuses and criminality being carried out by this Zanu government. If you can, organise and demonstrate outside the Zimbabwean embassy in your country. Not only that, you can write an email to your local MP or Congressmen telling them about what’s happening in Zimbabwe. Tell them Mnangagwa and his government are actually worse than Mugabe. You can do the same on twitter, attach links and videos and let them see what these animals are doing to their own people.

Doing nothing is inexcusable. You can not be neutral when abuses are happening. Let’s do something, let’s raise awareness!

Sindile Ncube

Why Zanu hates young people

A few months ago, this Zanu government, using its agents, abducted and abused Joana Mamombe, Cecillia Chimbiri and Netsai Marova, three young women from the MDC Alliance. What’s even more sinister is that the three are still being held on house arrests despite requiring medical and psychological treatment, and JUSTICE. The state is charging them of faking their own abduction and sexual assault – how wretched can Zanu get?. More recently we have seen MDC youths being assaulted and arrested in trumped up charges, to name a few, Godfrey Kurauone, Judith Tobaiwa, Sekai Muchaina.

These terrible events got me thinking and I quickly realised that Zanu really has a problem with the youth i.e Zanu really hates young people! To get a better understanding of this issue, I began to read a bit and spoke to a few political observers who had their own theories as to why Zanu is doing this. Eventually, I came to the following conclusion;

Zanu pf especially the old men at the top of the party, hate young people because young people have their whole lives ahead of them; they are forward looking, they worry about their future and the future of Zimbabwe. Young people are generally an innovative demography, constantly coming up with better ideas on how the country should be run. They do not have blood on their hands, and so sleep peacefully. They are physically fit and have much more bearable faces and are fancied by the young mistresses who are entangled with the old men of Zanu.

If you look at the elderly men running Zimbabwe , none of them possess these characteristics, in fact they are the complete opposite of youthness like the devil is to Jesus. They have blood on their hands, which probably means they get unannounced nightly visitations from the people they killed in the last 40 years. They are backward looking because they lack innovation. They lack innovation because they have never had to innovate to survive, they feed off other people’s hard work. They don’t care about the future of Zimbabwe because they are not part of it – a lot of them are 10 years deep into retirement age. To the eye they look hellish, and on top of that they don’t look like a bundle of health either, many of them are allegedly riddled with all sorts of conditions.

Because of their huge stake in the future of Zimbabwe, the fight for a better Zimbabwe will mostly come from the youth just as it was against the Rhodesians in the 1960s and 70s. In the next 10-20 years the youth will be in their 30s, 40s and early 50s, while a majority of the old men in Zanu will be rooming with Mugabe in the depths of hell. The few who will still be around will be feeding from a tube, hopefully in receipt of prison style domiciliary care in Chikurubi or at The Hague. I think this is why these old men are so bitter and hateful towards the young people of Zimbabwe or anyone resembling youthness both physically and in terms of ideas. This is probably one of the reasons why Zanu leaders hate Nelson Chamisa so much. This is probably why Zanu youth leaders are dried up middle aged men in their 50s.

Long live, the youth of Zimbabwe!!

Sindile Ncube

Death by theft: Zanu are guilty on both charges

A very damning list of people who benefited from a farming scheme by the Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe was published in the last 48 hours, and it is damning indeed. The list is like a who is who of the most corrupt people in Zimbabwe in the last decade. In this article, I would like to prove to you that the people on that list are not just thieves, they are guilty of a more serious crime which needs to be included in law when a new Zimbabwe is created. That crime is death by theft!

According to various sources including the World Health Organisation and the US Centre for Disease Control (CDC), the top 10 causes of death in Zimbabwe include HIV/AIDS, respiratory, heart, neonatal and diarrheal diseases, and road accidents. A majority of these conditions if not all can be avoided if the government improved the health system and infrastructure. But we know, the reason why they don’t do this is because of a lack of foreign currency required to get these things done, and the reason for that is theft! The sort of theft show in that RBZ list. State sanctioned theft of the highest order involving the President, cabinet, ministers, judges and Zanu associates who include church leaders of all people.

Millions of Zimbabweans have died because of poor health services in the country. The money which was stolen by these people should have been used to improve our health system which would have prevented many many deaths. The money could have been used to buy medicines and medical equipment. But instead, many Zimbabweans are faced with paying hundreds or even thousands of US dollars to get specialist treatment for cancer and other long term conditions. Many cannot afford this; so your mother, father, relatives are left to rely on Panadol. With no ambulances in the rural areas, people who are ill are often ferried by wheelbarrows to clinics which are probably shut because the money to keep them running was stolen. The result is death by theft!

Zimbabwean roads are worse now than they were before Cecil Rhodes was a lad. Many people die each year from road accidents which occur as a result of the pathetic state of our roads, some of them with pot holes that look like small riverbeds. The millions of US dollars stolen by these people could have been used to build better roads which would have saved lives. Death by theft!

The US dollars which were looted could have been used to repair the terrible water and sewage systems in the towns and cities which led to thousands of people dying from cholera. Till this day, there are people including children drinking water from filthy rivers who the lose their lives to cholera. Death by theft.

In conclusion, to the young people of Zimbabwe, these looters have stolen our future. The reason why we keep seeing doors of opportunity being closed in front of us is because of this gang of thieves. The reason why your business idea didn’t go anywhere was because of people like the thieves on that RBZ scheme. The reason why you couldn’t get that loan to start your own agro business is because the US dollars were in the pockets of that politician or judge or church leader. The reason why your mother, father, uncle, aunt, and other relatives passed away prematurely is because of this sort of theft. To the rest of Zimbabweans, this level of corruption is a direct threat to your life too. Some may think they are ok and will not be affected by this because they are doing well themselves. Well, the bad roads don’t care about the US dollars in your bank account or suitcase mdala. That shaky bridge will not give you an easy pass because you are in an M-Class Mercedes. We are all under threat.

There is no other way of stopping this theft other than sending all these people to jail en masse. They cannot be allowed to walk freely in Zimbabwe because they will cause more deaths by theft. These people are a national security threat. Zimbabweans who are fed up with this state of affairs should unite and get rid of these people by any means necessary.

Sindile Ncube

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