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A reminder that Zimbabwe is not a democracy

Zimbabwe has a democratic constitution but beyond that document nothing resembles any form of democracy. The country is ruled by Zanu pf which has absolute control of the state structures including the police, military, courts, electoral commission and the country’s central bank. Therefore, when it comes to the issue of who rules Zimbabwe, these structures always take a position that favours Zanu pf against opposition parties.

Democracy is important in that it gives people influence on the issues which affect their lives such as choosing the country’s president. Democracy also brings accountability, whereby politicians have to justify their decisions to the electorate are asked important and difficult questions by a free media about their policies and practices.

In Zimbabwe none of that happens. The president, government ministers and their friends are not asked questions about why they do what they do because the national broadcaster, the ZBC is under complete control of Zanu pf. This is why Zanu get away with murder, literally – they don’t have to account for their actions to anyone, not the courts and not the media, and definitely not the public.

The most important election in Zimbabwe is the presidential election because the presidency has absolute control over everything that happens in the country. Yes there are senate and parliamentary elections, but those structures have zero influence on what happens in Zimbabwe. So it’s really the presidential election that provides test whether Zimbabwe really is a democracy, and so far since 1980, the presidential elections have been rigged. Until there is a free and fair presidential election that is conducted by an external body like the UN, democracy will never be realised in Zimbabwe.

Sindile Ncube

A reminder why human rights matter and how they are being abused in Zimbabwe by Mnangagwa and Zanu

Human rights are important because they protect the weak from the more powerful. In most countries, especially those in Africa, government have tremendous power over the public because they make policy, control funding and make the rules and laws which people are expected to abide by. As such, a government that is out of control can use it’s power to do horrible things to the masses. This is exactly what is happening in Zimbabwe – the tyranny of a government.

As most people will know Zanu pf is the political party that has been ruling Zimbabwe since the country got its independence in 1980. Zanu have been abusing this power everytime anyone or any group of people questions the actions of the government including its legitimacy. They also abuse this power by their shameless corruptions that trickles down from the President’s office down to government officials, police, military and courts. This corruption is what is depriving millions of Zimbabweans of basic things like water, food, security, decent health and public services.

When Emmerson Mnangagwa declared himself President after removing Mugabe in a military coup, he promised a lot of positive things for the country. Some people believed him including highly respected intellectuals from around the world. However, those who know the man’s history knew Zimbabwe was going to go even more backwards in terms of human rights abuses. I think people should have refused to endorse the military coup because it was an illegal act, treason in fact.

Ever since he became president, Mnangagwa has presided over some of the most shameless human rights abuses of the Zimbabwean people particularly those who oppose his illegitimate rule of the country. Everytime the MDC Alliance or any group of people want to express their grievances, the Zanu government arrests them. Not only that, the regime sends state agents to abduct political activists, the military to go into the ghettos to beat up and shoot innocent people including raping women. All this is done to inflict fear in people. This Zanu regime really does not recognise the human rights of the Zimbabwe public. The right to free assembly, freedom of expression, democracy, right to life, right to basic needs, right to have a private life; all these human rights are habitually abused by this government. They do not recognise the Zimbabwean people as free individuals, to them, it appears that the public are like an inconvenience the regime has to deal with. It’s a dreadful situation. Zanu like to claim that they freed Zimbabweans from the Rhodesians, but it’s clear now that they only freed themselves.


Sindile Ncube

Until he says Zanu pf must go, Jah Prayzah won’t be getting my vote

In the last 24 hours I have seen loads of people tweeting about that singer Jah Prayzah who apparently got nominated for some international ward that requires a public vote of some sort. Jah Prayzah is said to be appealing for the Zimbabwean people to vote for him so that he wins this award and subsequently get a bigger head than the one he already has.

But this is a guy who is silent about the evils of this Zanu government. Not only that, he sings at their jamborees where they celebrate their ill gotten power with no sense of self awareness at all. He was also silent during the #ZimbabweanlivesMatter campaign. He is not a man of the people.

I will go on and say any so called celebrity in Zimbabwe that does not publicly criticize Zanu pf’s systematic destruction of Zimbabwe is an enabler of fascism. There are many of them, we all know them. Now if these ‘celebrities’ are not echoing the cries of the masses then their celebrity is pointless to us the masses. If we the masses are easily suckered in by such pointless celebrities then we are also part of the problems. This is why Zimbabweans should stop giving attention to these Zanu enablers. These people are laughing on our faces and we keep getting dazzled by whatever it is that they sell to us. If you want Zimbabwe to get rid of Zanu and become a proper country where things work and where people are treated like human beings, you contradict yourself when you give attention to people like Jah Prayzah.

Until the day he says Zanu pf must go, Jah Prayzah will not be getting my vote nor my attention.


Sindile Ncube


The law in Zimbabwe protects Zanu at the people’s expense. We need to realise this before wasting time pursuing justice in those courts

I will admit that I am not a lawyer, but it doesn’t take much education about the Zimbabwean judiciary to see that the way the law is applied always favours Zanu and not the people. What I mean is, whenever there is a situation whereby a judge has to decide to make a ruling between favouring Zanu or the people of Zimbabwe, the judge will always favour Zanu particularly the wishes of the junta that controls the presidency.

We have seen so many examples of this captured judiciary since 1980. Recent examples are the 2017 coup which removed Mugabe. The removal of a sitting president by military force is illegal, but in 2017, the Zimbabwean courts ruled that the coup was legal. How crazy is that? After the 2018 election was clearly rigged, a bunch of judges ruled that the election was free and fair, surprise, surprise!

Every single week we see the Zimbabwean government inflicting violence and repression of dissenting voices. They get away with it because the law favours them. I have heard some people say Zimbabwe has one of the best constitutions in the world, well, in theory that maybe true, but in reality the laws of a country can only be judged by how they are applied by the authorities, particularly when the authorities are pitted against the general population i.e when the strong are pitted against the weak. And if the strong are always winning against the weak, then it’s safe to say Zimbabwe is run by the laws of the jungle. This will never change until the military dictatorship is gone. So long as the judges and the courts favour Zanu, the constitution is not worth the paper it’s printed on, and Zimbabweans will never be free.


Sindile Ncube

What have you done yourself for the struggle, apart from blaming Chamisa and the real MDC Alliance?

We are already entered into another dangerously quiet period in Zimbabwean opposition politics. A period where there is no upcoming demo to look forward to. A period where there is no big scandal being reported that involves Zanu. A quiet period. A dangerous period. A time when the people sit back with haplessness as they watch Zanu satanists ruin the country with impunity. A period when Zanu agents like Khupe, Mwonzora and the other one are feeling so cocky that they are robbing the real MDC Alliance of its name in broad day light. Like I said, this is a dangerous period. It’s dangerous more so in the sense that in times like these, Zimbabweans tend to point fingers at each other but more predominantly at the real MDC Alliance. This is not right, and we should desist from this habit. We should not be pointing fingers at each other, we should be coming up with ideas and acting on them.

Campaigning against Zanu is not a single day demo, it’s a struggle. A struggle that takes perseverance, SMART ideas and action. People like us who want Zanu pf to go should at the very least make the regime feel uncomfortable and looking over its shoulder. Everyday that we don’t do something that has the potential to weaken Zanu pf, is a day of failure. Complaining and being aghast by events in Zimbabwe is not good enough, what we need are ideas and action. We need to be doing things which make Zanu pf uncomfortable, things which make them look over their shoulders. People shouldn’t expect the real MDC to come up with all the ideas on how to take the fight to Zanu pf. People shouldn’t expect Nelson Chamisa to bear all the burden of this struggle. We are all in this together.

When we go to sleep every night, before we start ranting about politics on Twitter or WhatsApp, each one of us should evaluate whether we have done anything during the day that makes Zanu pf at the very least feel uncomfortable. Ask yourself, what have I done with all the cheap internet data that I have apart from complaining and whinging about the perceived inadequacies in the real MDC? If the answer is nothing, then it is a bit hypocritical to accuse the real MDC of not having a plan. We are all in this together, this struggle is for everyone who wants to remove this satanic Zanu pf party.

And yes, there are so many things people can do to make Zanu uncomfortable, divided and weakened. One of the main things Zanu really hate is when we expose their corruption in detail. We saw how they were flapping about when Hopewell Chin’ono exposed their corruption forensically. They don’t like it all, and these are things which people can do using their internet data instead of just complaining and blaming the real MDC Alliance or people who are putting their lives on the line everyday in Zimbabwe by virtue of being real MDC Alliance members.


Sindile Ncube

How is someone like Kembo Mohadi the Vice President of a country?

Last week Kembo Mohadi was quoted essentially justifying the militarisation of the Zimbabwean government and suggested that the military were good for the economy because soldiers make good managers.

Kembo Mohadi – goodness me!

I am absolutely sure I’m not the only person puzzled by this man’s presence in high office. Honestly, what exactly did he do to get the position of Vice President?

Internet sources say Mohadi is 71 years old, so like a lot of these people in Zanu he is an old men who should be retired. But for someone who is 71 years old and a Vice President of a country, there really isn’t much of a back story about this man. During my secondary school studying history of Zimbabwe in particular the liberation struggle, there was no mention of Kembo Mohadi. Come to think of it there was no mention of Mnangagwa, Chiwenga and definitely not a whiff about Victor Matemadanda. Perhaps, as some people have said, Kembo Mohadi may not be the only liberation war imposter at the top of the Zimbabwean government. Anyway, the point is that Mohadi seemed to have sprung up from nowhere.

I did a google search about his credentials, and on the site Pindula it says he did not finish his secondary, but there was no mention of him topping up his qualifications at any point since then. Maybe he did, maybe he did not. Perhaps he didn’t which is why he made ignorant statements like the ones he made about the military and economics, while grand opening a bridge in Muzarabani.

So what exactly did he do to occupy such high office? Even a place holder should have some sort of interesting back story. The only notable thing Kembo Mohadi was involved in is that infamous moment that captured the stupidity and backwardness of ZANU when a bunch of old fools from the party were hoodwinked by an enterprising lady sangoma that diesel would come out of a rock. We all watched in astonishment seeing government ministers, sitting barefooted, expecting diesel to squirt out of a rock.

Kembo Mohadi third from left, alongside Zanu ministers expecting diesel to squirt out of a rock

To sum up, who is Kembo Mohadi? What is so special about this 71 year old man that he would be Vice President of a country? His liberation war credentials are pretty much non-existent. His educational credentials are questionable to say the least, and he has a habit of saying ignorant statements and being present were ignorance is being exposed. I don’t know, maybe I am being unfair to the man. After all, the questions I posed about him can be equally posed to several other old men who rule Zimbabwe including the president.

This is one of the many reasons why Zanu pf must go.




Sindile Ncube

Interesting points from the leaked audio involving Temba Mliswa

Kuda Tagwirei (left picture), Temba Mliswa (right picture)

Listen to the phone conversation here (MP4 file), leaked by Jonathan Moyo.

There is an audio on twitter that has been released by Jonathan Moyo which is a phone conversation between Temba Mliswa and another guy who is said to be Kuda Tagwirei, the mysterious businessman who is believed by many to be a key benefactor of Zanu schemes of corruption. I know Temba Mliswa’s voice, but I can’t say the same about this Tagwirei guy. Anyway, without wasting much time, these are the 10 key takeaways from the chat.

  1. Mnangagwa is an incompetent leader. Both Temba and the other guy on the phone make the same observation that Mnangagwa appoints people he doesn’t know. Temba kept praising Mugabe’s leadership style, a clear dig at Mnangagwa’s rubbish leadership.

2. The Zimbabwean government is in a mess also because of a lack of competent leadership.

3. Temba and the other guy are outsiders when it comes to Zanu internal politics. With reference to point 1 and 2 above, maybe the two men are implying that Mnangagwa is incompetent because they don’t know how Zanu ministers are appointed. Which brings me to the point that Temba Mliswa and the other guy on the phone are outsiders when it comes to internal Zanu politics. Temba sort of indicates his disgust at the tribalist appointments of minsters in Zanu, so maybe he has an idea of how this evil party appoints ministers.

4. Patrick Chinamasa is a yes man who is not happy with his demotion.

5. It sounds like Temba is trying to get a Thabani Mpofu off his back probably because this Thabani is investigating Temba for something that could send the loudmouth Norton MP to prison. It’s possible that Temba used this phone call to brief against Thabani and get him in trouble because he knows if he tells the other guy about alleged misconduct by this Thabani, the intel will reach high places.

6. Temba very much still sounds Zanu pf despite his claims that he is an independent politician.

7. The other guy on the phone is an advisor of some sort to Mnangagwa, but his speciality is Agriculture and Energy, or industry in general. This is probably strong indication that it really is this mysterious Tagwirei guy.

8. Temba and Jonathan Moyo may have a friendship of some sort. The other guy on the phone poked Temba about this and Temba was too defensive about this.

9. Temba and this other guy will fall out very soon mainly because of the leak of this audio and also because the two sound like they have had some previous tiffs. There was a lot of sekuru and muzukuru name calling which does not sound genuine, those two don’t sound like they are related based on blood. It’s sounds like they use each other for different purposes. It sounds like there was another person in the room with Temba. This person tried to stifle a laugh when Temba was mocking Jonathan Moyo’s inability to take a dump in his own country – a dig at Jonathan Moyo’s life on the run. You can also here this person’s fidgeting in the background, their movements are closer to the recording device.

10. Temba briefly indicated that there is a guy who is uncle to the other guy on the phone and this sekuru, according to Temba, is the one who he believes pushed for the appointment of Chasi as Minister of Energy. Could this sekuru be Mnangagwa himself or some other influential guy in Zanu?

Whatever is going on in this conversation, the fact remains that Zanu pf are corrupt. They continue to ruin lives, as such, #Zanupfmustgo because #Zimbabweanlivesmatter.


Sindile Ncube

Something really needs to be done about Nick Mangwana

Honestly, something really needs to be done about Nick Mangwana. In this article, I try to provide a few ideas on how to put this loudmouth in his place. For someone who is a newcomer to Zimbabwean politics, we are allowing Nick Mangwana to get away with a lot in such a short space of time. Aaakutijairira manje, Sesijayela kubi manje.

This is someone who is not even a war veteran, he came into Zanu ‘yesterday’. He doesn’t have the muscle. He is not a soldier and neither does he have a violent korokoza background, he probably doesn’t even have bodyguards, and if he did they probably don’t like him. So why are we allowing ourselves to be taken the meek out of by a very disposable member of this Zanu regime? I have still not got my head around his exaggerated self confidence. The way he defends the evil Zanu party is something that should be of great interest to the International Criminal Court as well as to psychiatrists. And the irony of it all is that Nick used to work as a mental health nurse in the UK. Even his brother, Paul (the one with teeth like a hippo) is not as defensive of Zanu as he is.

What should be done?
Nick needs to experience deprivation like the many Zimbabweans who are suffering at the hands of his masters. Nick needs to know what it feels like to lose what is close and dear to you. The first thing that needs to happen is a revocation of his British Citizenship. I am not a lawyer myself but I am sure there are many intelligent lawyers out there who can find an angle on this. For example, Nick Mangwana is defending a regime that is carrying out systematic human rights abuses and state sanctioned murders. Not only that, but he is doing everything in his power to mislead, confuse, facilitate and promote these human rights abuses. When people are abducted, arrested, or murdered by the Zanu government, Nick comes out like a bull defending these acts using denial and various other tactics. He is essentially, the Joseph Goebbels of this regime. Those in the UK need to keep putting pressure on the UK authorities to take away his British Citizenship. We know it is something that is part of his exit plan when the Zanu regime eventually ejects him.

The second thing that needs to happen is that Nick should be put on the sanctions list including a travel ban into the places he loves like the UK and the EU. In the meantime, if he happens to come into the UK like he did last year when he accompanied that Mnangagwa importer (SB Moyo -the coup announcer) a citizen’s arrest is warranted and will happen. We are already mobilising towards this. I say ‘Mnangagwa imposter’ because SB Moyo’s speeches are just as boring and dry as those made by Dambudzo, and both men are where they are not because of intelligence, grace or popularity but because of violence. It also turned out that SB Moyo is a coward because when he was confronted by the protesters outside Chatham House in London, he ran away like a tuck-shop cigarette thief. I was there but that’s story for another day.

Thirdly, Nick’s life up and about in Zimbabwe should be filled with paranoia and inconvenience. There are a number of things those in Zimbabwe fed up with this man can do to achieve this. For example, if you work in a restaurant and Nick orders some food, you could add a bit of extra ‘matter’ to his food to improve the flavouring. If you see his car parked outside, it’s quite justifiable to put some political or personal graffiti around the state funded motor. If he has any small houses around, let’s expose that including with visual imagery. If you have any evidence that gets him in trouble with his masters share it on social media. Nick needs to know how it feels to sleep with one eye open. Lets hasten his eventual residency at Chikurubi prison, we all know that’s where he is going to end up if he is lucky.

The human skid mark that is Nick Mangwana.

To sum up, we cannot allow this human skid mark to mock us in a very obvious way. The time has come now to do something about Nick Mangwana. If we cannot bring considerable inconvenience to this idiot then we have no chance against the gun carrying junta.


Sindile Ncube

The MDC Alliance need to build strong alliances in and outside of Zimbabwe to remove this thing

We are seeing how the support for the Mnangagwa regime is faltering in the SADC region, and understandably so. Who in their right mind would support such a disgusting human being (I use the phrase human being loosely because the evidence shows that he is a probably Lucifer in the flesh). Anyway, casting that aside, in addition to his misrule of Zimbabwe, the human rights abuses and the systematic corruption, Mnangagwa is simplunot a likeable character. He is not an African hero. His life story lacks heroism or any of the pan Africanism from which Mugabe derived a lot of his support in Africa. Mnangagwa’s political history is that of using violence and intimidation. There is not a single moment in history where you can say Mnangagwa did this for the Zimbabwean people, not a single one. That’s says a lot about him. How can someone who has been at the top of government since 1980 not have a single moment of heroism or decency towards his own people? This lack of a humane back story makes it easy for people around the region and even in his own party to stop supporting this man.

In the light of this, I believe that Chamisa needs to build alliances with people within SADC, starting with the various opposition parties in those countries. Yes, Chamisa needs to make friends with influential bodies in Zimbabwe as well. He needs to find common ground with influential people who are also frustrated by Mnangagwa and his government – and that list of people is growing. The Zimbabwean people already don’t like this man, and have made that very clear, but those in Zimbabwe are being battered for having that point of view. The world at large is realising that this man is a fraud and worse than Mugabe, which takes some doing by the way. The people in the region are finding it hard to defend him and his party. This gives the MDC Alliance an opportunity to make new friends and strengthen allegiances. The more Mnangagwa is alienated from influential people within the region, the faster his removal will be. Even the Chinese need to realise that this guy is not wanted by his own people. Who would have thought that someone like Malema would publicly expose Mnangagwa in this manner?


Sindile Ncube

Some of the ways diaspora can put political pressure on Zanu pf

Last week Mnangagwa conducted a press conference in which he essentially threatened the MDC Alliance and anyone who stands up against his government’s systematic corruption and human rights abuses. Many political observers believe he plans to carry out another brutal crackdown on anyone who dares to speak up against his misrule of Zimbabwe. There is even talk that he wants to make it a serious criminal offence to expose government corruption or saying anything that questions his authority. All this is aimed at crushing any dissent in the country, whether it’s a demo or social media campaign against human rights abuses or a tweet bemoaning the government’s terrible running of the country, Mnangagwa is confirming that he is just like Saddam Hussein.

Those of us in the diaspora are in a position to organise a demo and within minutes actually carry it out without fear of police brutality or abductions at the hands of Zanu agents. These are freedoms millions of our people in Zimbabwe can only dream of. Let’s not waste these liberties. People like Hopewell and many others are in prison for exercising these freedoms. If every single day everyone in the diaspora did something to raise awareness of the suffering in Zimbabwe to their fellow residents and to the authorities in the country they live in, governments around the world will treat the situation with urgency. We have seen the wonderful things that the #Zimbabweanlivesmatter has done in a short space of time. We need to keep pushing. Below are a number of ways the diaspora can put political pressure on Zanu pf.

Contact your local parliamentarians
In addition to social media campaigns, let’s also use more formal channels of democracy in the countries that we live in. Let’s send emails and letters directly to our local MPs, Congress people and councillors so that they formally table the Zimbabwean issue in parliament or congress. In our correspondence with these authorities we need to provide clear and strong evidence about the human rights abuses in Zimbabwe. In our emails, let’s attach video links of the police brutality being carried out by ZRP, testimonies by people who have been abducted, tortured and sexually assaulted by Zanu agents. Don’t forget to show them Mnangagwa’s threatening speeches as well so that they can see for themselves that this man is actually worse than Mugabe.

The issue of e-petitions
While e-petitions seem to be a quick and easy way of endorsing a campaign, they are limited in that they need to meet a very high threshold. For example, in the UK, an e-petition needs at least 100 000 signatures for it to be debated in parliament. That is a lot of signatures, and that is made even more difficult by the fact that there would be a number of petitions basically highlighting the same issue, which makes it even harder to reach the required threshold. Yes, e-petitions are quick and easy, but signing them is not a guarantee that they will be debated in parliament because the threshold is so high. Perhaps, there is need for a single e-petition on Zimbabwe every six months which is then advertised thoroughly just like the #Zimbabweanlivesmatter.

Street demos
In many people’s eyes, street demos remain the bog standard approach to activism. Obviously, in the current climate where the fight against Coronavirus requires people to observe social distancing, it’s going to be tricky. But so long as people are operating within the country guidelines, they should carry on picketing and holding demos across the country. You could hold a demo by yourself, with friends or family, holding placards. We have seen inspirational images of this online and it is wonderful to see. We need to let the ordinary people of the UK, Canada, USA, South Africa etc see us on the street raising awareness about this cruel Zanu government.

To sum up, we really need to keep the foot on the pedal; we should not relent when it comes to raising awareness about the suffering in Zimbabwe. It is the least we can do for our people who are being choked by Zanu.




Sindile Ncube

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