3 main reasons why political defectors will be kicked out of Zanu

The recent defections from the MDC Alliance to Zanu pf were not entirely surprising to many to be honest. What is puzzling, however, is how people could make such a backward, reactionary, unimaginative, lazy, regressive, and desperate political move in such a public manner while wearing a straight face. If people of this nature walk among us, it’s going to be hard to trust anyone in Zimbabwe. Nonetheless, the fate of these defectors is already sealed, within a year or so they will be booted out of Zanu and be confined to the political scrapheap for a long time. I believe there are 3 main reasons why these opportunists will not last long in their shameless quest.

  1. There will always be a cloud of suspicion above them
    Anyone who betrays their own people will never be accepted by any group, progressive or sordid. They will always have a cloud of suspicion above them. Even the evil are suspicious of people who convert to the dark side especially in such a publicised manner. Not only that, but in the eyes of Zanu loyalists, the motivations of people who leave the MDC Alliance to join them will always be questionable even if those reasons are clearly about money. Some of the Zanu loyalists will view them as Trojan horses, while others will be put off by their lack of political principles. The only people worse than Zanu are those who apply to join the party after its 41 year devastation of Zimbabwe. The lack of shame in these people will be deeply concerning for Zanu strategists. Anyone who has no qualms about doing something so shameful and regressive in the public eye is very dangerous because they will not hesitate to dump on anyone who threatens their ambitions.
  2. There will be many in Zanu who will be against their arrival into the party
    There will be Zanu officials, foot soldiers, thugs and other functionaries who will not be pleased when they see the new arrivals jumping the queue so to speak. A clash of ambition between these groups is inevitable, party credentials will be banded about and the bigger frauds (yes, it is a contests between two frauds) will always be the defectors because they have no track record within the party. If Mugabe couldn’t convince doubters in Zanu to vouch for his wife, how can anyone convince party sceptics to back these chancers?
  3. It will be very easy to blame them for any tribal skirmishes that happen in Zanu
    Any factional squabbles that will happen in Zanu from now on can easily be attributed to these defectors. Imagine a provincial level crook in Zanu finds himself in trouble with a rival within the party or from the MDC Alliance, he or she can easily blame the new arrivals for their troubles which will push the defectors closer to the exit. Anyone who has a problem within Zanu can easily blame the worsening of their fortunes on the new arrivals. Any new leaks about corruption and other illicit activities can easily be attributable to the parachuting of defectors into the party.

I will end by saying the following, as soon as there is turbulence in Zanu, just as it happened to Jonah, the truant will be thrown off the ship. However, unlike Jonah, the defector will not emerge on the shores of Nineveh for they are too toxic to swallow even for an indiscriminate eater like a shark. Political progressives in Zimbabwe should never ever reconcile or coalesce with anyone who leaves the real opposition in Zimbabwe to join or collaborate with Zanu pf.


Sindile Ncube