Covid 19 crisis is exposing Zanu’s misrule of Zimbabwe to the world

Just as it happened during the peak of AIDS in Zimbabwe in the 1990s, our country is going to be a hotspot of another pandemic. Covid 19 is well and fully landed in Zimbabwe and everyday we are hearing about more and more Zanu pf chefs succumbing to the dreadful disease. And the main reason the disease is having such a devastating impact in our beloved Zimbabwe is that Zanu has been destroying every sector in the country in particular the health sector for over 30 years. Covidis a referendum on Zanu rule, and we are all being made to pay for it with human life. 

The arrogance of Zanu to start talking about Ubuntu now when their people are dying is beyond shameless. The arrogance of the so called First Lady to ask the country to go into a fast to pray for military killers who have pillaged the country’s resources. The arrogance of the so called First Lady to call herself the ‘mother of the nation’ when she and her wretched husband and her wretched family stole the money meant for Covid 19 prevention. Nick Mangwana is pretending to be an evangelist of unity now that his masters are going down faster than the RTGS rate on the black market. Get away!

Zimbabweans are not cruel people, we will pray for our country to survive this crisis, but we will refuse to be fooled by Zanu. We remember everything. 

This crisis is Zanu’s fault, there are no two ways about it. The way forward for Mnangagwa and his Zanun is to step aside and let proper Zimbabweans run their country. Let Nelson Chamisa take the reigns, he has the leadership and grace needed in this crisis. 

by Sindile Ncube