What have you done yourself for the struggle, apart from blaming Chamisa and the real MDC Alliance?

We are already entered into another dangerously quiet period in Zimbabwean opposition politics. A period where there is no upcoming demo to look forward to. A period where there is no big scandal being reported that involves Zanu. A quiet period. A dangerous period. A time when the people sit back with haplessness as they watch Zanu satanists ruin the country with impunity. A period when Zanu agents like Khupe, Mwonzora and the other one are feeling so cocky that they are robbing the real MDC Alliance of its name in broad day light. Like I said, this is a dangerous period. It’s dangerous more so in the sense that in times like these, Zimbabweans tend to point fingers at each other but more predominantly at the real MDC Alliance. This is not right, and we should desist from this habit. We should not be pointing fingers at each other, we should be coming up with ideas and acting on them.

Campaigning against Zanu is not a single day demo, it’s a struggle. A struggle that takes perseverance, SMART ideas and action. People like us who want Zanu pf to go should at the very least make the regime feel uncomfortable and looking over its shoulder. Everyday that we don’t do something that has the potential to weaken Zanu pf, is a day of failure. Complaining and being aghast by events in Zimbabwe is not good enough, what we need are ideas and action. We need to be doing things which make Zanu pf uncomfortable, things which make them look over their shoulders. People shouldn’t expect the real MDC to come up with all the ideas on how to take the fight to Zanu pf. People shouldn’t expect Nelson Chamisa to bear all the burden of this struggle. We are all in this together.

When we go to sleep every night, before we start ranting about politics on Twitter or WhatsApp, each one of us should evaluate whether we have done anything during the day that makes Zanu pf at the very least feel uncomfortable. Ask yourself, what have I done with all the cheap internet data that I have apart from complaining and whinging about the perceived inadequacies in the real MDC? If the answer is nothing, then it is a bit hypocritical to accuse the real MDC of not having a plan. We are all in this together, this struggle is for everyone who wants to remove this satanic Zanu pf party.

And yes, there are so many things people can do to make Zanu uncomfortable, divided and weakened. One of the main things Zanu really hate is when we expose their corruption in detail. We saw how they were flapping about when Hopewell Chin’ono exposed their corruption forensically. They don’t like it all, and these are things which people can do using their internet data instead of just complaining and blaming the real MDC Alliance or people who are putting their lives on the line everyday in Zimbabwe by virtue of being real MDC Alliance members.


Sindile Ncube