Interesting points from the leaked audio involving Temba Mliswa

Kuda Tagwirei (left picture), Temba Mliswa (right picture)

Listen to the phone conversation here (MP4 file), leaked by Jonathan Moyo.

There is an audio on twitter that has been released by Jonathan Moyo which is a phone conversation between Temba Mliswa and another guy who is said to be Kuda Tagwirei, the mysterious businessman who is believed by many to be a key benefactor of Zanu schemes of corruption. I know Temba Mliswa’s voice, but I can’t say the same about this Tagwirei guy. Anyway, without wasting much time, these are the 10 key takeaways from the chat.

  1. Mnangagwa is an incompetent leader. Both Temba and the other guy on the phone make the same observation that Mnangagwa appoints people he doesn’t know. Temba kept praising Mugabe’s leadership style, a clear dig at Mnangagwa’s rubbish leadership.

2. The Zimbabwean government is in a mess also because of a lack of competent leadership.

3. Temba and the other guy are outsiders when it comes to Zanu internal politics. With reference to point 1 and 2 above, maybe the two men are implying that Mnangagwa is incompetent because they don’t know how Zanu ministers are appointed. Which brings me to the point that Temba Mliswa and the other guy on the phone are outsiders when it comes to internal Zanu politics. Temba sort of indicates his disgust at the tribalist appointments of minsters in Zanu, so maybe he has an idea of how this evil party appoints ministers.

4. Patrick Chinamasa is a yes man who is not happy with his demotion.

5. It sounds like Temba is trying to get a Thabani Mpofu off his back probably because this Thabani is investigating Temba for something that could send the loudmouth Norton MP to prison. It’s possible that Temba used this phone call to brief against Thabani and get him in trouble because he knows if he tells the other guy about alleged misconduct by this Thabani, the intel will reach high places.

6. Temba very much still sounds Zanu pf despite his claims that he is an independent politician.

7. The other guy on the phone is an advisor of some sort to Mnangagwa, but his speciality is Agriculture and Energy, or industry in general. This is probably strong indication that it really is this mysterious Tagwirei guy.

8. Temba and Jonathan Moyo may have a friendship of some sort. The other guy on the phone poked Temba about this and Temba was too defensive about this.

9. Temba and this other guy will fall out very soon mainly because of the leak of this audio and also because the two sound like they have had some previous tiffs. There was a lot of sekuru and muzukuru name calling which does not sound genuine, those two don’t sound like they are related based on blood. It’s sounds like they use each other for different purposes. It sounds like there was another person in the room with Temba. This person tried to stifle a laugh when Temba was mocking Jonathan Moyo’s inability to take a dump in his own country – a dig at Jonathan Moyo’s life on the run. You can also here this person’s fidgeting in the background, their movements are closer to the recording device.

10. Temba briefly indicated that there is a guy who is uncle to the other guy on the phone and this sekuru, according to Temba, is the one who he believes pushed for the appointment of Chasi as Minister of Energy. Could this sekuru be Mnangagwa himself or some other influential guy in Zanu?

Whatever is going on in this conversation, the fact remains that Zanu pf are corrupt. They continue to ruin lives, as such, #Zanupfmustgo because #Zimbabweanlivesmatter.


Sindile Ncube