Getting ready for the anti Zanu demo tomorrow

The time is hear. Our moment has arrived. The day we have all been waiting for is upon us. I urge every Zimbabwean and every human rights activist in the UK to attend the anti-Zanu of demo tomorrow 31/07/2020 outside the Zimbabwean Embassy at 11am.
Let’s go and tell the world about Mnangagwa and his beastly regime. Let’s go and show Mnangagwa and his thugs that they cannot intimidate us.
Let’s go and show our people back home what freedom to protest looks like. Let’s go and demonstrate on behalf of our people back home who are being intimidated by Zanu pf from protesting against Its misrule of the country.

I urge you all to carry placards that reveal to the world what a nasty man Mnangagwa is. Tell the world Mnangagwa is worse than Coronavirus.
I urge you all to create their own makeshift placards and tell it like it is. Let’s call a spade a spade. Let’s call Mnangagwa the devil because that is what he is. Let’s call Chinamasa a fool because he behaves and looks like one. Let’s call Matemadanda an idiot because that’s what he embodies and more. Take a picture of Mnangagwa and draw a massive lump of poo on his head. Let’s use the freedoms we have here in the UK to protest. Our people back home are dying for this freedom. Hopewell Chin’ono is in jail because of speaking out against Zanu. Let’s do it for Hopewell and many others killed by this brutal gang of thugs.

Below is a list of messages I urge all my followers and everyone reading this post to print out and bring to the demo:

Zanu pf must go!

Zanu pf is finished!

Mnangagwa is the Devil!

Zanu pf is worse than the Coronavirus!

Mnangagwa is worse than Coronavirus

Chinamasa is a fool!

Matemadanda is an idiot!

Mnangagwa hates young people

Mnangagwa should be tried at The Hague

Matemadanda’s children are ashamed of him

Matemadanda’s wife probably hates him

Today I’ve spent the whole day preparing my placards and demo literature. This is a huge moment in history and I am doing my part, so should you!

***Please wear a mask and gloves, bring hand sanitizer and maintain social distance!


Sindile Ncube

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