Diaspora: Use the freedoms you have to raise awareness about the human abuses in Zimbabwe

Some people will say they don’t do politics, others will say demonstrating is pointless because nothing will ever change. Some will have a go at the MDC and find faults in their approach and somehow use those to draw similarities between the party and the Zanu. Some of these reasons are avoidance tactics, some of them are just sheer arrogance. Nonetheless, what is real is that Zimbabwe is being ruined at a faster rate than ever before and if we don’t do anything we will regret our inaction sooner that we think.

Therefore, I urge people in the diaspora to use the freedoms they enjoy to demonstrate and raise awareness about the Zanu abuses in Zimbabwe. There is no limit to what Mnangagwa is doing, our friends and relatives in Zimbabwe can fall victim to the many acts of violence and cruelty this Zanu government is dishing out. And when these people are not using fear and violence to subdue them, they are running down the country with corruption causing more suffering.

On the 31st July, wherever you are, be it in the USA, UK, Canada, South Africa, European Union, do something that raises awareness about the human rights abuses and criminality being carried out by this Zanu government. If you can, organise and demonstrate outside the Zimbabwean embassy in your country. Not only that, you can write an email to your local MP or Congressmen telling them about what’s happening in Zimbabwe. Tell them Mnangagwa and his government are actually worse than Mugabe. You can do the same on twitter, attach links and videos and let them see what these animals are doing to their own people.

Doing nothing is inexcusable. You can not be neutral when abuses are happening. Let’s do something, let’s raise awareness!

Sindile Ncube

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