A reminder that the Zimbabwean judiciary is essentially Zanu pf’s legal department and as such deserves our Disdan

If the Zimbabwean constitution was observed correctly, the majority of the people at the top of Zanu pf would have been arrested way back in the 1980s. The reason why this has never happened is because the judiciary is  so far deep inside the pockets of Zanu that it is used to clean up the party’smetaphorical bottom. Recently, there has been this fake furore about the extension of tenor of that judge who legalised the 2017 coup who then went on to preside a whitewash of the ConCourt hearing about election rigging in the 2018. I’m no law expert, and I have all the respect for all the lawyers out there who work hard defending the defenceless people in Zimbabwe. However, I get frustrated whenever I see Zimbabweans spending days on end quoting sections of the law and constitution in an effort to demonstrate the illegality of Zanu’s actions in this saga. It is frustrating because by now no one should be in any doubt that the constitution and the law in Zimbabwe is what the Zanu presidium and military says it is. The Zimbabwean judiciary is essentially Zanu’s legal department. They are another arm of the party just like the war vets, the military, green bombers and a raft of other subsidised henchmen. The only difference is that the judgesare more coherent when justifying their function in the country’s dictatorship. Moreover, judges possess a facade of respectability from wearing those wigs and robes. But if they took off those costumes you couldn’t tell them apart from the rest of the wrinkly old men in Zanu who are ruining the country. In fact, some of the judges are also war veterans and former soldiers which is typical of Zanu to have revolving doors between its instruments of power. 

Whether a judge is given the stamp to be chief justice until they are 156 years is not the real problem. The problem is that all the top judges in this dictatorship are oversubsidised legalenablers whose job it is to whitewash Zanu’s human rights abuses and criminality. People still have fresh memories of those judges snarling and frowning during that 2018 ConCourt hearing the end of which they ignored clearevidence of electoral tampering. But the judicial isn’t completely oppressive of the Zimbabwean people all the time about everything. No. It serves justice in some issues, but on the important issue about who rules the country and who gets to get away with criminality, the judiciary will always serve the interests of whoever is in control of Zanu. We saw this in 2017 during the coup when Mugabe’s house was surrounded by armed soldiers. The courts somehow found an angle to say that the coup was legal because at that moment Mugabe had lost power and ED and Chiwenga were now deciding the law. 

Right now there is an ongoing campaign to get people to register to vote in the 2023 election. Indeed, registering is one of the steps people should take in order to get their voices heard, but the vote will need to be secured. One of the ways of securing the vote is to have people observing the votes, their transportation and most importantly the tallying at ZEC HQ. This is what we democrats should be focused on, not these internal squabbles in Zanu. 2023 is not far, let’s keep our eyes on the prize. 


Sindile Ncube

Independence? What independence? It’s been 41 years in captivity of a mafia government.

For a long time now, every April 18th, many Zimbabweans bemoan the phrase ‘independence day’ because they don’t feel independent at all. Many Zimbabweans feel imposed on, they feel like a people that have been invaded by a foreign force. The fact is, what happened in 1980 is that Zimbabwe was taken over by a mafia government led by Zanu pf. They took over the country from another mafia government led by racist Rhodesians. It so happens that this mafia government led by Zanu pf doesn’t have the competence and simply doesn’t give a damn about creating a society where things work. That being said, there are still dishonest (perhaps misled) people out there who believe that the 1980s was a period in which Zimbabwe was a normal functioning country doing things for the good of the people and what-what. These peoplearrogantly ignore the fact that thousands of Ndebele people were being slaughtered in broad daylight by the Zanu using a death squad army trained by the North Koreans. 

After 41 years, I think Zimbabweans should now realise that Zanu does not regard them as a stakeholder in the country because they really believe that Zimbabwe is their private property. The right of Zimbabweans to oppose Zanu is not recognised and we see this by the way general elections are rigged. Moreover, as we continue to observe, the right of a Zimbabwean to oppose Zanu is often regarded as a criminal offence by a puppet judicial system that has Zanu’s grubby hands up its backside. Of course, there are a few but loud class of people who claim that they are prospering in Zimbabwe and they are doing so without the need for approval from Zanu. These people will cite several examples of the freedoms Zimbabweans enjoy. However, what these people fail to acknowledge is that if their political stance was different from what it is right now then they would not be so booming about Zimbabwe and Zanu. The fact of the matter is, in Zimbabwe, people have freedoms so long as those freedoms do not oppose Zanu pf or seek government accountability. In other words, in Zimbabwe, you are free so long as you don’t complain about the mess in the country or want to choose another group of people to form a government.Even if you don’t complain and keep your head down you will still be subject to harsh economic conditions and probably resigned to life as a vendor of some sort. A life that will most likely be taken away by treatable health conditions because of the inaccessibility of basic healthcare. This is where we are 41 years since 1980. We are in captivity, there is no such thing as independence for most Zimbabweans. We can only enjoy independence when all of us are treated as stakeholders in the country and that point will only come when Zanu is gone. 


Sindile Ncube

3 main reasons why political defectors will be kicked out of Zanu

The recent defections from the MDC Alliance to Zanu pf were not entirely surprising to many to be honest. What is puzzling, however, is how people could make such a backward, reactionary, unimaginative, lazy, regressive, and desperate political move in such a public manner while wearing a straight face. If people of this nature walk among us, it’s going to be hard to trust anyone in Zimbabwe. Nonetheless, the fate of these defectors is already sealed, within a year or so they will be booted out of Zanu and be confined to the political scrapheap for a long time. I believe there are 3 main reasons why these opportunists will not last long in their shameless quest.

  1. There will always be a cloud of suspicion above them
    Anyone who betrays their own people will never be accepted by any group, progressive or sordid. They will always have a cloud of suspicion above them. Even the evil are suspicious of people who convert to the dark side especially in such a publicised manner. Not only that, but in the eyes of Zanu loyalists, the motivations of people who leave the MDC Alliance to join them will always be questionable even if those reasons are clearly about money. Some of the Zanu loyalists will view them as Trojan horses, while others will be put off by their lack of political principles. The only people worse than Zanu are those who apply to join the party after its 41 year devastation of Zimbabwe. The lack of shame in these people will be deeply concerning for Zanu strategists. Anyone who has no qualms about doing something so shameful and regressive in the public eye is very dangerous because they will not hesitate to dump on anyone who threatens their ambitions.
  2. There will be many in Zanu who will be against their arrival into the party
    There will be Zanu officials, foot soldiers, thugs and other functionaries who will not be pleased when they see the new arrivals jumping the queue so to speak. A clash of ambition between these groups is inevitable, party credentials will be banded about and the bigger frauds (yes, it is a contests between two frauds) will always be the defectors because they have no track record within the party. If Mugabe couldn’t convince doubters in Zanu to vouch for his wife, how can anyone convince party sceptics to back these chancers?
  3. It will be very easy to blame them for any tribal skirmishes that happen in Zanu
    Any factional squabbles that will happen in Zanu from now on can easily be attributed to these defectors. Imagine a provincial level crook in Zanu finds himself in trouble with a rival within the party or from the MDC Alliance, he or she can easily blame the new arrivals for their troubles which will push the defectors closer to the exit. Anyone who has a problem within Zanu can easily blame the worsening of their fortunes on the new arrivals. Any new leaks about corruption and other illicit activities can easily be attributable to the parachuting of defectors into the party.

I will end by saying the following, as soon as there is turbulence in Zanu, just as it happened to Jonah, the truant will be thrown off the ship. However, unlike Jonah, the defector will not emerge on the shores of Nineveh for they are too toxic to swallow even for an indiscriminate eater like a shark. Political progressives in Zimbabwe should never ever reconcile or coalesce with anyone who leaves the real opposition in Zimbabwe to join or collaborate with Zanu pf.


Sindile Ncube

We cannot afford to be ignorant about Covid

Over the last year, I have seen many many social media posts by Africans who are antivaxxers. Imagine that, an African that is against medical interventions. Do people even read the things they forward? Do people forget who is in charge on Zimbabwe? How can you say no to a vaccine that you are being offered for free? You think when you get ill, Zanu hospitals will treat you? We are on our own people, we need every help we can get, and the vaccine is that help. 

These antivaxxers believe that ‘the whites’ are trying to use the vaccine as a way to control or kill black people. It’s ridiculous. As Zimbabweans we cannot afford to be ignorant in this pandemic. All the medical experts say the vaccine is the only way out of this crisis. Just as it was with TB and many other diseases which claimed millions of lives.

To then hear someone from Zimbabwe, a country that doesn’t have a functional health system, or anything resembling public service, forwarding idiotic anti vaccination messages is a had in the hands moment. Where is this Ignorance coming from? Are Zimbabweans now also in the business of importing ignorance from Trump supporters who by the way regard Africa as a sh*thole. You want to take medical advice from those people, do you? Then there are those papas going on camera discouraging people from taking the vaccine and calling it poisonous, pretty much singing from the same hymn sheet as the other racists. I suppose a papa who makes money from people’s despair while giving them false hope, would not celebrate anything that protects people from illness. 

My message to people is please do not be ignorant. Take the vaccine and observe social distancing guidelines. Whatever it is that you want to achieve will be pointless at the end of the day because if you catch this virus it could be the end for you. Look what the virus is doing to the arrogant Satanists in Zanu who are falling one by one. If the virus can do that to them, what makes you think you are immune? Let’s not be ignorant. 


Sindile Ncube

Covid 19 crisis is exposing Zanu’s misrule of Zimbabwe to the world

Just as it happened during the peak of AIDS in Zimbabwe in the 1990s, our country is going to be a hotspot of another pandemic. Covid 19 is well and fully landed in Zimbabwe and everyday we are hearing about more and more Zanu pf chefs succumbing to the dreadful disease. And the main reason the disease is having such a devastating impact in our beloved Zimbabwe is that Zanu has been destroying every sector in the country in particular the health sector for over 30 years. Covidis a referendum on Zanu rule, and we are all being made to pay for it with human life. 

The arrogance of Zanu to start talking about Ubuntu now when their people are dying is beyond shameless. The arrogance of the so called First Lady to ask the country to go into a fast to pray for military killers who have pillaged the country’s resources. The arrogance of the so called First Lady to call herself the ‘mother of the nation’ when she and her wretched husband and her wretched family stole the money meant for Covid 19 prevention. Nick Mangwana is pretending to be an evangelist of unity now that his masters are going down faster than the RTGS rate on the black market. Get away!

Zimbabweans are not cruel people, we will pray for our country to survive this crisis, but we will refuse to be fooled by Zanu. We remember everything. 

This crisis is Zanu’s fault, there are no two ways about it. The way forward for Mnangagwa and his Zanun is to step aside and let proper Zimbabweans run their country. Let Nelson Chamisa take the reigns, he has the leadership and grace needed in this crisis. 

by Sindile Ncube

A reminder that Zimbabwe is not a democracy

Zimbabwe has a democratic constitution but beyond that document nothing resembles any form of democracy. The country is ruled by Zanu pf which has absolute control of the state structures including the police, military, courts, electoral commission and the country’s central bank. Therefore, when it comes to the issue of who rules Zimbabwe, these structures always take a position that favours Zanu pf against opposition parties.

Democracy is important in that it gives people influence on the issues which affect their lives such as choosing the country’s president. Democracy also brings accountability, whereby politicians have to justify their decisions to the electorate are asked important and difficult questions by a free media about their policies and practices.

In Zimbabwe none of that happens. The president, government ministers and their friends are not asked questions about why they do what they do because the national broadcaster, the ZBC is under complete control of Zanu pf. This is why Zanu get away with murder, literally – they don’t have to account for their actions to anyone, not the courts and not the media, and definitely not the public.

The most important election in Zimbabwe is the presidential election because the presidency has absolute control over everything that happens in the country. Yes there are senate and parliamentary elections, but those structures have zero influence on what happens in Zimbabwe. So it’s really the presidential election that provides test whether Zimbabwe really is a democracy, and so far since 1980, the presidential elections have been rigged. Until there is a free and fair presidential election that is conducted by an external body like the UN, democracy will never be realised in Zimbabwe.

Sindile Ncube

A reminder why human rights matter and how they are being abused in Zimbabwe by Mnangagwa and Zanu

Human rights are important because they protect the weak from the more powerful. In most countries, especially those in Africa, government have tremendous power over the public because they make policy, control funding and make the rules and laws which people are expected to abide by. As such, a government that is out of control can use it’s power to do horrible things to the masses. This is exactly what is happening in Zimbabwe – the tyranny of a government.

As most people will know Zanu pf is the political party that has been ruling Zimbabwe since the country got its independence in 1980. Zanu have been abusing this power everytime anyone or any group of people questions the actions of the government including its legitimacy. They also abuse this power by their shameless corruptions that trickles down from the President’s office down to government officials, police, military and courts. This corruption is what is depriving millions of Zimbabweans of basic things like water, food, security, decent health and public services.

When Emmerson Mnangagwa declared himself President after removing Mugabe in a military coup, he promised a lot of positive things for the country. Some people believed him including highly respected intellectuals from around the world. However, those who know the man’s history knew Zimbabwe was going to go even more backwards in terms of human rights abuses. I think people should have refused to endorse the military coup because it was an illegal act, treason in fact.

Ever since he became president, Mnangagwa has presided over some of the most shameless human rights abuses of the Zimbabwean people particularly those who oppose his illegitimate rule of the country. Everytime the MDC Alliance or any group of people want to express their grievances, the Zanu government arrests them. Not only that, the regime sends state agents to abduct political activists, the military to go into the ghettos to beat up and shoot innocent people including raping women. All this is done to inflict fear in people. This Zanu regime really does not recognise the human rights of the Zimbabwe public. The right to free assembly, freedom of expression, democracy, right to life, right to basic needs, right to have a private life; all these human rights are habitually abused by this government. They do not recognise the Zimbabwean people as free individuals, to them, it appears that the public are like an inconvenience the regime has to deal with. It’s a dreadful situation. Zanu like to claim that they freed Zimbabweans from the Rhodesians, but it’s clear now that they only freed themselves.


Sindile Ncube

Until he says Zanu pf must go, Jah Prayzah won’t be getting my vote

In the last 24 hours I have seen loads of people tweeting about that singer Jah Prayzah who apparently got nominated for some international ward that requires a public vote of some sort. Jah Prayzah is said to be appealing for the Zimbabwean people to vote for him so that he wins this award and subsequently get a bigger head than the one he already has.

But this is a guy who is silent about the evils of this Zanu government. Not only that, he sings at their jamborees where they celebrate their ill gotten power with no sense of self awareness at all. He was also silent during the #ZimbabweanlivesMatter campaign. He is not a man of the people.

I will go on and say any so called celebrity in Zimbabwe that does not publicly criticize Zanu pf’s systematic destruction of Zimbabwe is an enabler of fascism. There are many of them, we all know them. Now if these ‘celebrities’ are not echoing the cries of the masses then their celebrity is pointless to us the masses. If we the masses are easily suckered in by such pointless celebrities then we are also part of the problems. This is why Zimbabweans should stop giving attention to these Zanu enablers. These people are laughing on our faces and we keep getting dazzled by whatever it is that they sell to us. If you want Zimbabwe to get rid of Zanu and become a proper country where things work and where people are treated like human beings, you contradict yourself when you give attention to people like Jah Prayzah.

Until the day he says Zanu pf must go, Jah Prayzah will not be getting my vote nor my attention.


Sindile Ncube


The law in Zimbabwe protects Zanu at the people’s expense. We need to realise this before wasting time pursuing justice in those courts

I will admit that I am not a lawyer, but it doesn’t take much education about the Zimbabwean judiciary to see that the way the law is applied always favours Zanu and not the people. What I mean is, whenever there is a situation whereby a judge has to decide to make a ruling between favouring Zanu or the people of Zimbabwe, the judge will always favour Zanu particularly the wishes of the junta that controls the presidency.

We have seen so many examples of this captured judiciary since 1980. Recent examples are the 2017 coup which removed Mugabe. The removal of a sitting president by military force is illegal, but in 2017, the Zimbabwean courts ruled that the coup was legal. How crazy is that? After the 2018 election was clearly rigged, a bunch of judges ruled that the election was free and fair, surprise, surprise!

Every single week we see the Zimbabwean government inflicting violence and repression of dissenting voices. They get away with it because the law favours them. I have heard some people say Zimbabwe has one of the best constitutions in the world, well, in theory that maybe true, but in reality the laws of a country can only be judged by how they are applied by the authorities, particularly when the authorities are pitted against the general population i.e when the strong are pitted against the weak. And if the strong are always winning against the weak, then it’s safe to say Zimbabwe is run by the laws of the jungle. This will never change until the military dictatorship is gone. So long as the judges and the courts favour Zanu, the constitution is not worth the paper it’s printed on, and Zimbabweans will never be free.


Sindile Ncube

What have you done yourself for the struggle, apart from blaming Chamisa and the real MDC Alliance?

We are already entered into another dangerously quiet period in Zimbabwean opposition politics. A period where there is no upcoming demo to look forward to. A period where there is no big scandal being reported that involves Zanu. A quiet period. A dangerous period. A time when the people sit back with haplessness as they watch Zanu satanists ruin the country with impunity. A period when Zanu agents like Khupe, Mwonzora and the other one are feeling so cocky that they are robbing the real MDC Alliance of its name in broad day light. Like I said, this is a dangerous period. It’s dangerous more so in the sense that in times like these, Zimbabweans tend to point fingers at each other but more predominantly at the real MDC Alliance. This is not right, and we should desist from this habit. We should not be pointing fingers at each other, we should be coming up with ideas and acting on them.

Campaigning against Zanu is not a single day demo, it’s a struggle. A struggle that takes perseverance, SMART ideas and action. People like us who want Zanu pf to go should at the very least make the regime feel uncomfortable and looking over its shoulder. Everyday that we don’t do something that has the potential to weaken Zanu pf, is a day of failure. Complaining and being aghast by events in Zimbabwe is not good enough, what we need are ideas and action. We need to be doing things which make Zanu pf uncomfortable, things which make them look over their shoulders. People shouldn’t expect the real MDC to come up with all the ideas on how to take the fight to Zanu pf. People shouldn’t expect Nelson Chamisa to bear all the burden of this struggle. We are all in this together.

When we go to sleep every night, before we start ranting about politics on Twitter or WhatsApp, each one of us should evaluate whether we have done anything during the day that makes Zanu pf at the very least feel uncomfortable. Ask yourself, what have I done with all the cheap internet data that I have apart from complaining and whinging about the perceived inadequacies in the real MDC? If the answer is nothing, then it is a bit hypocritical to accuse the real MDC of not having a plan. We are all in this together, this struggle is for everyone who wants to remove this satanic Zanu pf party.

And yes, there are so many things people can do to make Zanu uncomfortable, divided and weakened. One of the main things Zanu really hate is when we expose their corruption in detail. We saw how they were flapping about when Hopewell Chin’ono exposed their corruption forensically. They don’t like it all, and these are things which people can do using their internet data instead of just complaining and blaming the real MDC Alliance or people who are putting their lives on the line everyday in Zimbabwe by virtue of being real MDC Alliance members.


Sindile Ncube

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